Sunday, August 31, 2008

Are we more than our roles?

"In each of our lives we will have periods when it seems that we are the author, with great freedom to choose a direction. And then there will be times when more limited roles must be fulfilled: parent, breadwinner, citizen, community member, contemplative. A mature life requires an ability to enter each of the roles given to us. Freedom arises when we hold them lightly, when we see them for what they are."

Jack Kornfield, "The Wise Heart" p. 72


Laura said...

Seattle Unity is studying this book right now! I need a copy myself. Finished Take this Bread and was awed by it. She reminds me of you, Roberta.

kristin said...

What a great (and my case, anyway) post! Thank you for sharing this quote, and for introducing me to this writer. It's always nice to have another worthwhile book to add to my "wish list" of books to be read. :)

God bless you, dear lady!
I am enjoying each and every visit to your blog, and am grateful for all that you have shared thus far.

My son lives in Seattle...I am all the way on the other side of the country, in NC. If and when I am able to get out that way for a visit, I will see if you have the time for a cup of coffee or tea somewhere. :)

ROBERTA said...

thank you for the kind words....i would love to get together next time you are in the Pacific Northwest. we will make that happen!