Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Who you Callin' Baby?

"If we really had come a long way,
nobody would be calling us baby.”
Flo Kennedy

Tell it like it is Flo!!! I recall the days of Virginia Slims. All the "cool" women smoked them - perhaps it was the word "slim" in the title....I myself was a Benson & Hedges Longs kind of gal.....sigh......I guess the good old days weren't actually that good, were they?


Rebecca said...

Virginia Slims Menthol - those were the ones that rocked!

Linda said...

I look at the picture and the slogan "you've come a long way baby" and I cringe. It is certainly not from the slogan, it is what comes with the promotion of the picture and the end results.

Working in a cancer center has given me a whole new perspective about smoking. As a young woman, I would tell people if it tasted like steak and ice cream then I would be hooked, but fortunately it didn't. I have learned that what comes with smoking is almost a guarantee of a visit to your local cancer center.

My husband has been treated for the past two years for Stage I Bladder Cancer (if you are going to get cancer, Stage I is good) and they told him you can contribute that to all your years of smoking. I recall when we got married 16 years ago, I wouldn't let him smoke in the house. He gave it up because we lived in Oregon and he got tired of standing in the rain. I believe that is the best gift I could give him. Linda

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ROBERTA said...

Wow - thanks Linda. That was powerful indeed.....I wish my husband would quit smoking. At 55 he is playing with fire.....but it has to be his choice.

lori said...

I myself,was all about the Virginia Slims,so there,that says it all,now I know for sure ,I was cool!