Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fear of Freeways?

Those of you who know me well are aware of the fact that i do not travel by freeway due to a fall i had many years ago in which i damaged my inner ear and was plagued with vertigo. Cars passing in my peripheral vision made me dizzy and then i would panic and slow down - i would not recommend doing this on the freeway :)

Well i'm here to tell ya that this past Saturday I drove on I-5 from Mill Creek to Capitol Hill (about 20 miles) and the world did not come to an end.....I am so proud of myself! There was an iffy moment or two while i drove over Lake Union (another phobia of mine - crossing bridges) but I kept repeating the mantra "I can do all things through Christ" (and yes i was saying it very very loudly).....I never thought I'd see this day :) It's as if I reclaimed a piece of my former life - the one in which i was more independent and less fearful.

We all struggle with fear in some way- whether it be fear of confrontation, driving on an overpass (ok....i'm not quite ready for that yet - just looking at them in this picture is giving me shortness of breath) , loss of a relationship or job or home, discovering a lump, etc. etc.

Fear is not bad in and of itself. We need it to survive. It is only when we allow it to control us that it becomes a negative. Roseanne Cash said the the key to change is to let go of our fears and so I am letting this one go! (I feel so empowered!)


Sandy Dengler said...


(PS: where was the picture taken, do you know? It looks like the mixmaster in Dallas (five layers of freeway) but I don't think it is. The mixmaster isn't that industrial)


Sis said...

Wow, congrats sis! What an accomplishment! I'm so proud of you!
Sis xox

Rebecca said...

in Los Angeles we don't drive on the freeway - we sit ... but on the off chance that traffic gets above 15 miles per hours - then we "peddle to the mettle".

I like the quote - there are a few things I am dealing with that I will keep that in mind when I get nervous.

Sandy said...

Bravissima, my friend!

Sue said...



Margaret said...

Wow -- Roberta, that's great! Congratulations. I agree completely about fear. When I think that I'm supposed to get to a spiritual place where I don't ever experience fear, then I just feel as if it's impossible, and not true to my nature. But when I imagine a life not controlled by fear ... now that is an uplifting and courageous place to be!
You go, girl!

Brad said...

Hooray!!!!! - Brad

Jill said...

I hate driving over bridges, too....but I make myself do it every so often to remind myself that I really can! Freeways are scary places for everyone these days, so try not to be too hard on yourself because you do not like driving on them...they are, however, depended on if we want to arrive somewhere sooner than later....but maybe later is the way of the future....taking the time to see what we drive through all the time. Great thing you did, Roberta.

Gene said...

Yes, as we went via olympic buslines to and from Sea tac and drove in vegas and So. Cal we realized how wise we had been to move to Chimacum. She truly guided us well.

John said...

Farewell to the vertiginous life. Me, too. Love, John

Becky said...

I am so proud of you! I'm working to overcome some powers of the past and feel much joy for you and hope for me.

Cheryl said...


What a huge accomplishment for you! I am thrilled for you! Thanks so much for letting all of us share with you in this great moment in your life. Now there will be no end to places for you to explore!!

Rich blessings,

Jan said...

Congratulations! I was also wondering where that picture was taken and thought maybe by Southcenter, but there probably aren't that many interchanges there.

ROBERTA said...

Dear Jan and Sandy,
the caption on the bottom of the picture said it was taken in seattle and i was thinking somewhere close to Boeing Field and/or the airport which would be close to southcenter?

Jayne said...

Congratulations Roberta! What a feat!

Rebekah said...

YAY, Roberta! :) HOW FUN!