Wednesday, July 16, 2008

High Time for Tea?

"It's high time the Church's unity
didn't depend on
women fading into the middle distance
in a nice floral tea dress."

Maggi Dawn, commenting on the Lambeth Conference which begins today in Canterbury, England.

to read the entire post on her site click here. this quote from that posting struck a deep chord within me...


Brad said...

Hello Roberta! Gotta say that I'm nonplussed by Ms. Dawn's comment. I assume that by "the Church" she means the worldwide Anglican confession, which is only a small part of the Church in the world. I'm not happy with some Anglican church groups' slow acceptance of women in clerical leadership, but it's not that issue that really threatens "unity" right now - the rejection of homosexuals as somehow not fit to be clergy, or bishops, or sometimes even members is a far greater threat. That threat stems from deep cultural differences - the very sort of thing that Jesus bridged by accepting EVERYBODY!
With affection - Brad

Bethany said...

you should have used one of our mother daughter tea pictures. that would have been hilarious!