Wednesday, November 26, 2014

You've Got Mail Wiseguys!

Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Fifthwheelian, there slept three very wee wise men.  Nothing disturbed their slumber for months on end until one day the landlady received a letter addressed to their royal highnesses.  What should she do?  They looked so peaceful in their very ornate, very large bed.  There they lay, with their pinecone comforter to keep them toasty, while Mary and her precious baby gazed fondly from their rather over-the-top headboard. 
But this correspondence might be very important.
  So she crept up beside them and said, "Hey, wiseguys! wake up!  You've got mail!" And so the sleepyheads returned to reality, looking like they had overslept, which of course they had.
wise man #1:  oh my!  what an intriguing piece of correspondence!
I see the plane and the flag of France!
wise man #2:  and I see Viva la France!
wise man #3:  good grief!  I see nothing but blur.  I must need glasses!
me:  yes, it is quite blurry. let me bring it closer.

wise man #3:  Ah much better.  Yes, it's definitely from France.
And oh, look!  It's marked "personal."
me:  I noticed that so I didn't open it.  But I have to go to work now.
wise man #1:  what? you can't just leave us with this mystery. 
We have no arms!  who will open it?
me:  I'll open it when I get home!  I must go or I'll be late.
Have a great day!



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