Thursday, December 29, 2011

a joyful and arduous journey

As you recall from yesterday's post, our wise men are in a bit of a funk.
I left them with 100 Graces as it is a smallish book perfectly suited
for smallish readers.

Me:  So, have you found any words of wisdom in this book?

Wiseman #3:  We believe that this writing by Mary Lou Kownacki, OSB,
 was written just for us. We have read, meditated on, and discussed it all day. 

Me:  And may I ask what you have learned?

Wiseman #2:  We are drawn to the second paragraph.  Would you like us to read it?

Me:  Yes please. That would be lovely.

Wiseman #1:  "It is both a joyful and arduous journey.  Sometimes the star shines
brightly, the promise seems certain, and the pilgrims can sing,
"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring God's peace." 
Often the star disappears, clouded over, hidden from view,
 and the pilgrims grope blindly, grow discouraged, get weary, give thought
to settling down, to forgetting the promise of peace."

Me:  Ahhh, this speaks to the "both/and" aspect of our spiritual journeys.

Wiseman#3:  Yes, in the past we have felt so certain of our calling. 
We were overjoyed to follow the star.
But this year we know that we have grown discouraged, and have given
thought to settling down right here on this shelf. 

Me:  Well there's nothing wrong with living here on this shelf - 
unless God is calling you to move towards something else. 
Are you being called?

Wiseman #1:  We're not sure because we really haven't spent any time reflecting on our calling or listening for the whisper of God. 
We are sad to say that we focused entirely on keeping our gifts safe -
especially in the face of these tough economic times. 
The leprechaun advised us to keep them close to our hearts.

Me:  What did I tell you about trusting leprechauns who horde gold?  

Wiseman #3:  We know but he convinced us that we should hold on to our gifts.

Me:  How hard can that be when they are attached to your hands?

Wiseman#2:  Your sense of humor is once again teetering on cruelty....

Me:  I know, I know...sometimes I just can't help myself....I apologize.  
 I have an idea that I think might help. 
It involves your seeing how you are connected to other wise ones. 
Tomorrow we will talk again, but before I go,  
can you read the last paragraph to me?

Wiseman #1: "One thing is certain:  All pilgrims need nourishment to sustain the journey.
An occasional oasis for the spirit is essential, a time to feast on the refreshing waters,
the rich food of the spirit, in order to get strength to continue the pilgrimage
through darkness, star-shine or not."

Me:  Oh, those are beautiful words.  I'll leave you to ponder those.
Good Night my little leprechaun lovers!

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