Saturday, December 3, 2011

chorus of gratitude

And now for the final segment of Christine Hemp's 'Prayers of the People'
which were read on the First Sunday of Advent 2011
"Finally, Lord, we offer you a chorus of gratitude.
Even when we are grouchy and sad, confused and agitated,
you cup us in your hands.
For we are the clay and you the potter. And oh! what shapes you have made!
We thank you for our bodies, our families, our animals and friends.
The wilderness and the cities and the lights that never go out.
For the trails and the trees, the parties and the silence.
For that which is just around the corner.
And, of course, for the corner of Tyler and Jefferson
where we pray this very moment.
With you at the center of this blessed St. Paul’s family,
unbridled love can’t help itself: See it now?
Spilling from our hearts? Seeping out over the kneelers?
The pews? Beyond the narthex and out the door?

With jubilation that cannot be contained,
thank you for the feasts and celebrations we share.
Continue to show us the light of your face!"
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