Thursday, August 25, 2011

shine in our darkness

"Shining God,
even the darkness is not dark to you.
Shine in our darkness, light of our lives.
When we walk in the gray gloom of confusion,
when pain drains all the color out of life,
when we are paralyzed by the darkness of fear,
shine in our darkness.
When we know that others are walking in the darkness,
give us courage to be light for them."
from The Pattern of our Days -
Worship in the Celtic Tradtion
from the Iona Community, p. 99
photo from here


Margaret D. McGee said...

Good one.

Brad said...

sometimes you out-do even yourself. You have high standards for what you share and you always meet them, but sometimes you do something even more amazing than usual.
This post is one of those "sometimes."
The prayer is so strong and peace-giving, and you and I both know that God hears us and He is the light - He asks us only to open our eyes to see it.
But the picture! Superb in its own right for sure, it perfectly harmonizes with what the prayer asks. Thank you again, blessed friend, for sharing your gifts! -