Saturday, August 6, 2011

Love Thy Neighbor Near & Far

I received not one but two letters today (one was certified) from the CC&R Compliance Committee where our rental is located telling me that a regulation had been violated - Section 3.4.11 in particular - a garbage can and a BBQ were investigated and documented as being on the garage side of the dwelling.

I have 10 days to deal with this issue before I will be fined. Whatever happened to someone knocking on the door to ask the tenants to move the items? Or calling the owners?

Where does this situation fit in light of those suffering from famine in Somalia, or in light of those who have lost jobs and face foreclosure, and what about our collective fear surrounding the global economic crisis? We have little influence over all that.

Perhaps keeping trash cans and BBQ's in their proper places gives us a feeling of having control over something. Right now I need to harness my reaction to something so minor. Think I'll ponder the words on that colorful sign at the top of this post and say some prayers for all my neighbors - near and far.

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Margaret D. McGee said...

Yes, it's not good when we can't work out issues face to face. Skimming the Animal Control log in the local paper, I see the same kind of thing over and over. Someone calls Animal Control on a neighbor, and after investigating, Animal Control reports that the animals are fine. Couldn't the neighbors have talked first? It's always easier to turn the issue over to the "authorities" and avoid direct confrontation. But when we do that, we give away our own authority to relate to each other.