Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Texas Rose Mosaic by Sarah Zirkel

"To grieve is to allow our losses to tear apart feelings
of security and safety
and lead us to the painful truth of our brokenness."
Henri Nouwen

breathtaking art from here


Brad said...

Hi Roberta! I really liked your "Family Circus" and agree! But I can't go along with Nouwen on this one. Grief is a whole part of the overlapping cycles of this (less than perfect) life. Jesus grieved. But he was not broken. No more are we. The grief we feel at the loss of something or someone loved is a part of accepting how much we miss what is gone. It is part of the cycle of healing, and we need love and help, from God and from others. Not because we are broken, but because we are in the difficult process of showing that, in fact, we are not ultimately broken at all.
Love, Brad

Jan said...