Friday, May 14, 2010

Ascending Feet

Yesterday was the Feast of Jesus' Ascencion into Heaven. I searched and searched for a picture but was unable to find one that I liked - as many of the artistic interpretations were either too cutesy, too renaissancey, too clip-artsy or just downright creepy, so I'm re-posting the artwork I used last year.

Imagine yourself on the ground, as one of the disciples, craning your neck as you watch Christ ascend above your head. And as he silently floats away into the distant sky, the only part of his body you can still catch sight of are his feet, the same ones that walked this earth beside you. Would your mind turn to the night when he washed your own feet?

According to the scriptures you would not have been fearful or sad at this event but would have returned to Jerusalem with great joy...because you knew that Jesus would always be with you..
"O Thou dweller in my heart,
Open it out,
Purify it,
Make it bright and beautiful,
Awaken it,
Prepare it,
Make it fearless,
Make it a blessing to others,
Rid it of laziness,
Free it from doubt,
Unite it with all,
Destroy its bondage,
Let thy peaceful music pervade all its works,
Make my heart fixed on thy holy lotus feet
And make it full of joy, full of joy, full of joy.

- M. Ghandi

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