Thursday, September 17, 2009


It's hard to believe I've posted that many comments and quotes but that is what the Blogger stats tell me. I started this blog at my sister Rebecca's suggestion a couple of years ago. It's been a wonderful part of my day to hit "send" on words and images that hopefully bring some encouragement.

As I scrolled through everything I've sent since 2007 I wanted to find a favorite - but it's difficult to choose just one. If you go by my Feedjit, (which tells me where people are coming from and what they are looking for) the most popular post searched for is The Prayer of St. Brendan, followed by Prayer for a Best Friend. In that same vein, the post I find myself returning to most often is also about prayer. It's a 2002 newspaper article that Rebecca sent me back in June of last year - of a wise one-year-old girl, named Anna Maria who every day would walk out to her garden to have an animated wee chat with Mary . It is true that children see things that we have lost sight of, and that they are here to show us how to see again.

Jesus told his disciples to let the little ones come unto Him. I hope that in some way these posts have drawn us, God's beloved children, into a more intimate encounter with all that is Divine mystery - just like Anna Maria.

Thank you for all the encouraging words you send my way.




Jayne said...

A big milestone! Thanks for being a source of inspiration and meditation Roberta. :c)

Theresa said...

A Congratulations! is in order then, hope for a beautiful day for you. BTW, this is really sweet!

Alyce said...

Five hundred blogs! Gad, you're old! Wait. That's almost daily!
blessings on you, dear blogger!

Rebecca said...

Good job - see sometimes I do know what I am talking about!



Paula said...

I thoroughly love and look forward to your posts everyday....when you are gone.....well, I say mmmmm guess she is living life elsewhere and will become refreshed and share some wonderful insight or beautiful reflection... So Kudos Roberta.....ready for the next 500...xoxoxoxoxoxoxpaula

Becky said...

May we all be so blessed as to remember that "we, are the children".

Evelyn said...

Good for you, Roberta! Thank you SO much for sharing your gift with each of us who are blessed to find your blog! Congratulations :~)