Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Saint Fred Rogers

When my grandchildren watch television at my house there are a myriad of channels for them to choose from - most of which are smart mouthed animated characters and/or situation comedies geared towards pre-teens - most of which are drivel. We need models of kindness and gentleness and love for our children/grandchildren. Are you aware of any?

"At the center of the universe is a
loving heart that continues to beat
and that wants the best for every person.
Anything we can do to help foster
the intellect and spirit and emotional growth
of our fellow human beings, that is our job.
Those of us who have this particular vision
must continue against all odds.
Life is for service."

mister rogers neighborhood
- fred rogers - 1928-2003


Lauralew said...

No--other than the person you have displayed. What a wonderful man. And my grandchildren like him, hurray!

Monica said...

How about the ever popular Wiggles?

Becky said...

Oh, how I miss sitting with the kids and Mr. Rogers. He was such a giving and kind soul.

Laura said...

I actually wrote Mr. Rogers fan mail when I was 9. He wrote me back. I have loved him ever since.

ROBERTA said...

the wiggles are popular, aren't they? and they are so happy!!!! but they are much more into entertaining kids whereas i think fred had a much more calming effect on kids...