Friday, July 17, 2009

shake the damn tree!

"What is more mortifying
than to feel that you have
missed the plum
for want of courage
to shake the tree?"

- Logan Pearsall Smith

Can you let go
of just one
false belief,
or excuse today?

plum picture from here


Jaliya said...

Yes! :-)

I did shake free today! I composed a poem, and did a dance :-)

Bless you, Roberta xo

Pat - Arkansas said...

I'm here, following your comment on rhymeswithplague's blog. Nice to "meet" another Episcopalian.

I like your quotes.

ROBERTA said...

thanks pat...we episcopalians need to stick together :)

jaliya - can't think of a better way to shake the tree than to create and move :)