Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reader's Choice

I could not decide on a title for this drawing, depicting today's
Gospel reading from John 6, so I'm letting you choose:

1) Where's Waldo?
2) Jesus Feeds His Peeps
3) The Original Woodstock Festival
4) Which way to the Porta Potties?
5) make up your own


Donna said...

5)Does This Guy Have a Food Handler's Card?

Brad said...

Roberta, great! My suggestion is:

Where's the beef?


Sandy said...

No title, but a dialogue box in the crowd: "So why is this guy feeding people he doesn't even know?"

Laura said...

"God, I love you!" (Roberta, you too!)

Linda said...

2) Jesus feeds his Peeps...and then some.

Mrs. Frykholm said...

"He's doing better with fish and crackers than with those velvet Elvis paintings he had here last week."