Friday, October 24, 2008

Rotten Apples

Why not
apple cart?
If you don't
the apples

-Frank A. Clark


Bethany said...

Don't get it. What is with the apple cart?

ROBERTA said...


According to if you are advised not to upset the applecart, you are being told not to disturb the way things are done because it might ruin things.

I guess you're just too young for this one! :)

Jan said...

What a good saying!

(I am obviously older than Bethany.)

ROBERTA said...

Well Jan,
I believe you're right about Bethany - and i should know - because i gave birth to her :)

paula said...

Roberta.....I dont think rotting apples has anything to do with the 'proverbial apple cart''s just that if you do u p s e t it.....apples go all over the place...and it is hard to gather them back together and they do get skinned and bruised. Much like go outside the 'norm' people get hurt (bruised) and skinned (pissed off)....and it is hard for everything (everyone) to get back to the 'norm'....

However, in our contemporary life....most of us feel that the apple cart needs to be upset to bring some to their senses....or to think out of the box.....about real life......meaning.....and importance of priorities.....

at least that is what I think....besitas muchas