Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Red Balloon

It's Saturday - that means another Top 10 film choice - And today's selection - The Red Balloon - a classic from 1956 - Every summer our local public library's Summer Reading Program would show this award-winning, 34-minute film by Albert Lamorisse. Who didn't fall in love with Pascal, the young French boy who discovers a beatiful red balloon on his way to school that becomes his best friend? With themes of hope, jealousy, sadness and redemption, what's not to like about this classic? I just watched it with several of my grandchildren last week. La Ballon Rouge never ever loses it's appeal to my inner child! (to view the entire film on YouTube click on the link which will show you part 1. then click on parts 2,3, & 4 on the panel on the right.)


linnea said...

I remember watching that at your Bible study a few years ago. You are the best.

monica said...

I agree. I remember seeing it at St. Andrew's in religion class.

Becky said...

I cannot watch that movie without crying and crying. It is a classic.