Monday, October 27, 2008


One of today's Divine Office readings was from Ecclesiasticus 19:4-17 - an excellent section of advice regarding the perils of gossip. It advises that if you have heard something about another, it would be best to let it die with you. The following line struck me :) "Like an arrow stuck in a person’s thigh, so is gossip inside a fool."

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laura said...

Ok, so my first thought about this is, LOL: "Where the heck did you get this photo? Do you just google "arrow stuck in a thigh?" Sheesh! YOu're amazing.

My second thought is a comment I'll share from communication training .. . .
loosely quoted, "gossip is a substitute for authentic communicaiton. gossip thrives in spaces where there is no room for true communication." In other words, let people get to know each other and care for each other, and they cease to gossip. Whenever I work with groups that complain of too much gossip, I challenge them to create some meaningful opportunities for relationships. That almost always solves gossip problems!