Thursday, May 15, 2008

Baum's Birthday

Hat Tip to Jan.

Did you know that today is L. Frank Baum's birthday? The author of the Oz books? When I was a child I read The Land of Oz and was hooked.....I loved, loved, loved this book because the boy character Tip actually (SPOILER ALERT) turned into a girl at the end! Yes! I sure didn't see much of THAT happening in the stories of my childhood!!!!

(In case you want to know more - the witch Mombi transformed the infant princess Ozma into Tip who grew up having no memory of being a girl. Tip then created one of my favorite characters, Jack Pumpkinhead...eventually Glinda (remember her from the Wizard of Oz?) forced Mombi to turn Tip back into the princess Ozma and she was then installed as ruler of Oz.....)


Laura B. said...

And I can SO HIGHLY recommend Sequim HIgh School's production of the Wizard of Oz. Fabulous! They were awesome and I think they have one more weekend of performances.

Jan said...

In the 1970's I traveled to Sequim for a job interview at an elem. school. Didn't get the job.

Glad you posted the cartoon better than I did! How do you get it smaller so it'll fit better?

Monica said...

I love them, too, Roberta. This reminded me of the adult novel by Virginia Woolf. Orlando,
where the main character turns into a woman halfway through the book. Not as easy to read as Baum, however!.

Faith said...

sounds like a bad acid trip