Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday of Holy Week

Rodney Dangerfield (and if you remember him you are old!) would have spoken of today as one that gets "no respect"......for Wednesday of Holy Week falls between Palm Sunday and the Triduum (Evening of Maundy Thursday through the evening of Easter Sunday).....but it is not just any old day. It is a Day of Reconciliation & aren't we all in desperate need of healing and forgiveness? So this is the day to reflect on our need for a Savior.

Today's gospel story was about Judas (the bad guy) betraying Jesus (the good guy) a child it was easy to villify Judas - the world was so much easier to divide into categories of good/bad, yes/no, etc. but now i see the Judas inside of me......for when i feel betrayed as he must have felt, i too betray. During the Morning Eucharist Elizabeth+ said that "when we are afraid of betrayal we withhold our trust". So true! Well Jesus was betrayed and still He chose to love us to the point of death. What a great Reconciler we have!

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