Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

How often does St. Patrick's day land in Holy Week? This is the first time in almost 100 years (since 1913) that St. Patrick's Day has not been celebrated on March 17th in the Liturgical Calendar (it happened on the 15th but don't tell the Irish that). It won't be until 2160 that this uncommon occurrence will happen again so thank God we won't be around to see that! So here is my tribute to my homeland...a verse from St. Patrick's breastplate that reminds us that Christ is indeed everywhere!

Christ beside me, Christ before me;
Christ behind me, Christ within me;
Christ beneath me, Christ above me;
Christ to right of me, Christ to left of me;
Christ in my lying, my sitting, my rising;
Christ in heart of all who know me,
Christ on tongue of all who meet me,
Christ in eye of all who see me,
Christ in ear of all who hear me.

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