Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Marinade vs. Glaze

I've been working my way through "what is anglicanism?" by urban t. holmes III & in the chapter on pastoral care i came across this paragraph:

"a sacred principle of anglican pastoral care is that it is sacramental. here, i refer initially to a theological premise. it is this. christian conversion, a turning to Christ,is the result of a marinade rather than a glaze. we are transformed by being soaked in the gospel, rather than having it brushed on at the last minute. the sacraments are focal points of a life lived in relationship to all that conveys the humanizing grace of god in Christ. when we let them, the sacraments reach deep within the self to touch and shape those primordial images by which we live life at the deepest. the passion of Christ becomes, in this process, the prevailing icon on all life for each of us." p.61

i am not a foodie, but i love this picture of conversion as marination. the purpose of marinating is to add flavor and/or to tenderize the cut of meat or fish or veggie we are preparing.....and isn't that what Christ does for us? he flavors and tenderizes us with his love - and as we are soaked in this love it permeates everything and everyone around us. yum........

lord, my heart longs to be tender & i don't want to walk around like an Easter ham - covered in a sugary glaze....i need your flavor to seep from my very pores - and that can only happen through the continuous marination of your grace and love......amen.

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