Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lydia Joy

my five year old granddaughter, Lydia Joy, has become a vacation bible school junkie this summer. she's had her first bus ride from the baptist church, her first foot washing from the lutherans and i haven't heard from her yet what the episcopalians are offering! she has loved every minute of her time with all the wonderful & caring women who have been busy planting little seeds in her inquisitive little head...she has especially liked the family day presentations for she is an actress at heart who has informed her mother that someday she will be moving to new york!
lydia has told me how much she loves jesus and has serenaded me and her mom and dad with her renditions of jesus loves me, & we are fishers of men!

as i perused my favorite blogs this morning i came across another VBS story from jan edmiston's site which is worth a view!!!!:A Church for Starving Artists: What Presbyterians Always Talk About (the picture is of Lydia and Blake)

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