Monday, December 16, 2013

Wise Men Seeking the Light

While lighting my Advent wreath last night for the 3rd Sunday in Advent I noticed the 3 wise men had made a move.  They had been back in the corner for the longest time so I was surprised to see them this close.  Not wanting to irritate them in any way (which they say I do on a regular basis) I just stood there, waiting for them to initiate a conversation.  It didn’t take long for them to speak and as usual they got right to the point.

Wise1:  Why haven’t you been speaking to us?
Me:  Whatever happened to people greeting one another with ‘Hello, how are you?’ 
Wise1:  Hello, how are you, and why haven’t you been speaking to us?
Me: That’s a bit better.  I’m well, thank you very much, and you know me,  I like to give you guys your space.
Wise2:  We think you forgot about us. That you’ve moved on or outgrown us.  We figured that’s why you moved us into this storage unit.
Me:  First of all, this is not a storage unit, it’s a 5th wheel and I could never forget about you three!
Wise3:  5th wheel?  We’re on 5 wheels?  Dear God, don’t start this thing on an odd number of wheels!!!
Me:  Silly wee men, we would have to be attached to a truck to go anywhere.  This is our home at the present time.  Don’t you think it’s kind of cozy?  I thought you’d like it better since you are no longer closed off in a bathroom.  Now you have a view of the whole world…
Wise1:  Which reminds us of that Disney song, “It’s a Small World After All.”
Wise3:  I apologize for my compadre's rude remark.  We just miss our bathroom shelf, especially our leprechaun and our book.  We felt comfortable there and don’t understand why we had to leave.
Me:  Well, life is about change.  Unfortunately your leprechaun pal caught a glimpse of a rainbow outside the bathroom window and ran off in search of yet another pot of gold, but I could provide you with some sort of diversion.  How about a new book to read.  Would you like that?
Wise2:  Yes please. We so enjoy a good read.  And we're pretty sure that leprechaun took our Thomas Merton book with him!
Me:  I've told you fellas that you can never trust a leprechaun...
Wise2:  And wifi would be terrific.  In the meantime, is it really the 3rd week of Advent?
Me:  Indeed it is.  The week of Joy.  Known as Gaudete Sunday which comes from the Latin word for “rejoice.” This marks the halfway point.  Are you feeling joyful?
Wise3:  Not really.  We’ve been having a bit of a pity party and not wanting to reach out.
Wise1:  But now we’re glad we did. 
Me:  Me too…I haven’t been good about keeping connected and for that I apologize.  Which reminds me of this wonderful quote about our need for one another.  Check it out while I search for that book…
Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being. Each of us owes the deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this inner light.   -Albert Schweitzer
Wise3:  Yes, this is a lovely quote that wise men like us should practice.  And we really didn’t mean to complain about the housing you’ve provided.  You are kind, but when we focus only on ourselves, we tend to get a bit melancholy.  Here’s to rekindling one another’s light as we continue walking this path together!
Me:  Amen!
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Greenpatches said...

Welcome back, Wise Men. It's wonderful to see you again.