Monday, December 30, 2013

sheer joy

What do wise men do all day?
Meditate?  Pray?  Discuss deep theological topics?
I often wonder if they tire of one another
as they are always together.
As an extrovert I love being around people,
but I would tire of being in the constant presence of others.
And yes, the wise men have had their tiffs,
 but for the most part, they exude such a strong bond of love.
So I asked them today.
Me:  "How do you get along so well with one another?

Wise1:  "Ah...excellent question, dear one." 
Wise2:  You see, we really don't consider ourselves as separate."
Me"Huh?  I'm not sure I understand?"
Wise3: "Understanding is not the holy grail."
Wise2:  "And seeking explanations will only make you cranky."
Me: "Sounds rather Zen to me."
Wise3:  "Our spiritual practice is to focus on Love."
Wise1:  "And we practice Loving one another. 
Just like the Love born in Bethlehem.
For is not God known by relationships?"
Me"I don't completely comprehend your mysterious ways but I do love you!"
Wise2:  "And we love who we are when we are with you."
Wise3:  "Thomas Aquinas said it best:"
"God is sheer joy, and sheer joy demands company."
Me:  "Oh, I like that image of God as sheer joy!
And once again, the company of the wise ones brings me joy....


Greenpatches said...

Sheer Joy! What a heartening image. Pleased to see you back, Wise Men. Keep on practicing.

ROBERTA said...

Thank you kind reader for accompanying us on the road to see the new king.