Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Seven Sorrows of Mary

While at the Mater Dolorosa we walked the ‘Seven Sorrows of Mary.’
It was in a gated garden surrounded by wisteria vines – such an aroma!

Below is the first station with the prayer of Mary
as she heard Simeon foretell the destiny of her son.

The mosaics were beautiful and the prayers profound,
especially as we journey towards Good Friday.

The First Sorrow ~ The Prophesy

The prophet, Simeon, foresaw that the child Mary held so lovingly in her arms
was the one destined to fulfill God’s plan of redemption for his people.

Simeon also knew that Mary would see her beloved son, Jesus,
enter into the mystery of his Passion and death.

And so, Simeon spoke of a sword that would pierce her heart,
a sword of sorrow in seeing the reality of suffering unfold
in the life of her very own child.

“Help us, Loving God, to remember all parents today who see suffering in the lives of their sons and daughters.

Some will suffer because of illness; others will feel great sadness at the loss of faith or love in their children’s lives;

still others will experience much grief because of addictions to alcohol or drugs.

Like our Blessed Mother, these parents, too, feel the sword of suffering and pain.

Help us to love and support each of these parents, as well as their loved ones, in such difficult and trying times.

Help us to bring life and hope to them in the midst of their struggles.’

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