Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Photo of Mary’s 4th Sorrow – The Meeting
Taken at Monastery Memorial Gardens
from Mater Dolorosa Passionist Retreat Center, Sierra Madre, CA

“God of Compassion, so many times we feel utterly helpless
when we experience the brokenness and pain in the lives of others around us. 
We feel incompetent when we see the many homeless persons walking the streets; 
we feel powerless when we see our world crushed by fighting and violence,
even in our own neighborhoods and cities! 
Help us to be men and women who are strong in faith. 
Help us to do all that we can do to assist others.
But above all else, help us to remember that it is when we feel most powerless
that we are able to act with the strength that comes
from your Holy Sprit of love and compassion.”

Arranged by Sr. Judith Rinok, S.N.J.M.

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