Sunday, January 2, 2011

Almost to the Light

As the wise ones faithfully follow the light,
which will guide them to the Light,
let us ponder our own epiphanies.
Messenger of truth and mystery,
Opener of doors and windows,
Source of both day and night,
We come to you as the sages of long ago did,
Somewhat frazzled, confused and amazed
by what you have chosen to reveal to us.
We walk on in the journey of life,
struggling to accept the gifts you give,
to figure them out, to make sense of them.

Bless us with the capacity to live
With unanswered questions,
To trust that even a child can lead us,
To step over the threshold into your wisdom.

In the name of the one who revealed your love,
we pray. 
Prayer by Sherri Alms, Liturgist

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Alyce said...

Lovely! Thank you!