Friday, August 20, 2010

Psalm 23, rewritten

Psalm 23
The Lord is my Savior
He calls me out of the downward spirals of life
He creates a place of calm and rest in the midst of the swirling storm
And invites me to join Him there.
He meets me in the strangest places … and faces
I do not wish for hardship, but I would not trade the pain I’ve had
Because You meet me there in surprising ways;
I get to know You better, and my heart’s capacity grows.
Your delight and enjoyment of me invite me,
and draw me out of my shame.
For I am dirty before You.
Still, You smile at me,
and give me the gift of Your Presence.
You grow a solid center within me as I am honest with You.
You honor me with gifts in my ordinary life.
You erase the shame of my dirt with Your smile
(regardless of whether I was given the dirt or created it myself)
because Your anger was spent in Jesus’ blood.
You play loose with Your own reputation by choosing me
… and yet …
You tell me You are sure of Your choice.
And I believe You.
Your pursuit of me fills me with honor.
Your pleasure in me grows my beauty.
And I want to know You more deeply and fully.
There is so much life and love to share.

- Jeanette Scott, lover of Christ, therapist & dear friend


Evelyn said...

Just beautiful, and just what I needed to read. Thank you, Roberta!

ROBERTA said...

I told Jeanette she wrote a truly holy paraphrase...i especially like the line in which Jesus plays loose with his own reputation:) and i'm especially thankful that God continually pursues all of us....