Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Readers,

This past Sunday I preached my first sermon. Is that crazy or what? As a young girl even the idea of being an altar server was out of the question because of my gender. So to be able to stand before those with whom I'm traveling on this journey into the mystery of our faith feels surreal in a good and holy way. Preaching is something I would never have even allowed myself to dream about as a child and I am so grateful.

God is infamous for turning everything upside down and inside out in our lives - that's the joy found in greeting each new day as a treasure chest filled with new possibilities.  If you'd like to read the sermon you can email me at robertahiday at gmail dot com and i'll send it to you....

Thank you for your prayers and support over the years. I'm so appreciative...

In Christ,

P.S. The pirate art is connected to the sermon:)

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Brad said...

Roberta, well done! I enjoyed reading this and like the way you made the main points. It's interesting that the Greek word translated "treasure" originally meant the place where valuables are kept - in your analogy, "treasure chest." Jesus tells those who will listen to him where to keep stuff, not just what to keep. Maybe sometimes it's not what we hang on to that messes us up, but where we put it. I love your "hidden treasure" idea. Not only is it hidden in plain sight, but it's hidden within each of us, all the time, and I guess we don't so much need a map as a new way of seeing. But then that's what repentance is - not getting all over miserable about what we have done, not beating our breasts, but having a "change of mind," and that makes us see differently.
Keep up the good work!
Blessings - Brad