Monday, February 15, 2010

Micro-Mini Me's

Yesterday was the last Sunday in the season of Epiphany and I surprised the Wise Men with a gift.  They were dumbstruck as they are so used to being the givers of gifts.  They just aren't accustomed to receiving presents.  They stared at the tiny box for hours.  After several trips into the guest bathroom to see what they were doing I asked them if they were ever going to open their gift.  They reminded me of their immovable arm predicament and I apologized for not recalling their inability to use their hands (they are quite sensitive about this) and I placed the tiny wisemen in front of them.  Silence ensued. 

Me:  Don't you like them?
#1:  Um...What are they?
Me:  Why, they are small replicas of you!
#2:  We see that & it's rather creepy.
#1: What will they do here?
Me:  Well, they can keep you company.
#3:  Are you replacing us?
Me:  No!  I would never do that!  I thought you'd like them!
#2:  So they are like Mini-Me's?
Me:  Well, they're actually more like Micro-Mini-Me's!
#1:  Can you put them back in the box please?
Me:  You don't like them?
#3:  Oh, they're lovely but we feel badly for them.
Me:  why?
#1:  Well we might not be able to move our hands but these poor fellas
can't even stand on their own two feet. 
At least in the box they will be upright!
Me:  oh...I didn't realize.....
#2:  Not to worry - they will become our pupils here on the windowsill.
#1: We thank you for your kindness.  We will take good care of them.

And with that I left the wise men with their gift of more wise men.
It makes you wonder how much wisdom one small bathroom can contain?


Vicki said...

That is a little creepy. But quite amusing.

Ginny said...

Too funny! I love your wit.

(Although these guys look kind of sour to me – not sure they really appreciated the gift you have given them! Do you think they were just being kind?)