Thursday, February 18, 2010

desert experience?

If you therefore go to the desert
to be rid of all the dreadful people
and all the awful problems in your life,
you will be wasting your time.
You should go to the desert
for a total confrontation
with yourself.
Alessandro Pronzato, Meditations on the Sand

i'm loving the back of this camel's head.
and this quote is once again reminding me that when i'm angry or hurt,
 it's not the other person's problem - it's mine.
 i wonder what jesus was thinking as he was being lead into the desert by the holy spirit. 'finally, a moment's peace?'
or was he wondering how long he'd last without food and water?
did he know how long he'd be there?
and did he have any idea of how intense the temptations would be?

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Gene said...

Ask your wise men - this is all they ever saw 'til they got THERE.