Thursday, January 28, 2010

step forward

"Take one step towards God
and God takes
seven steps towards you;
Walk to God

and God comes

- Muhammad

photo from here


Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Roberta. This post intrigued me as yesterday I put on my blog some pictures about finding balance and a joke about Noah's Ark and lo and behold we matched up !! Also at People for Others Blogsite my posts on serendipity and a piece about the smallness of "us" v the place of the Earth in the whole galaxy and beyond mirrored the post there.
I visit your blog daily and also People for Others and so maybe we are tuned in spiritually or perhaps it is a fluke. Who cares?!!
It is delightful and fun.
Hope you are well.January is never my favourite month but I am trying to be positive this year.( Laugh !!)
Best wishes

ROBERTA said...

Dear Phil,
I answered your wonderful post through an email. Let me know if you receive it.



Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love this quotation, and I've never heard it before.

ROBERTA said...

Ruth, I found the quote while reading an interfaith book - authored by Jahmal Rahman, a Sufi Muslim, who coministers at Seattle Interfaith Community Church.