Monday, October 12, 2009

"Rebirth" by Keri Wehlander

We are the locked door,
the stone not rolled away.
You invite us to cross through waters,
walk dry roads
look towards transformation
in every wilderness.

You believe we can.

We want other gods, other commodities--
depth without the daily searching.
You offer us a simple table
and the words, follow me.

You believe we will.

We choose a meager vision,
hold tight to the catch of our nets.
You tell a story that asks,
Which one was the neighbor?

You believe we understand.

We are perplexed
when you appear in our untended gardens.
You say, peace,
to all our uncertainty.
You show that new life
comes with time, with practice,
and the sowing, however small,
of stubborn hope.

You believe we will grow.

"Rebirth" by Keri K. Wehlander
from Weavings, Abide in Me, Vol. XXII,

Number 2, March/April 2007, p. 33

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Brad said...

Beautiful, Roberta, and well chosen. I don't know what Russ said about the scriptures last Sunday, but as you saw from the Prayers of the People, what impressed me was that Jesus called the young rich guy, NOT to become poor, but to FOLLOW. He would have been the thirteenth disciple had he chosen to do so. The other world, of richest possibilities, is available to us, with the door unlocked, every minute!
See you soon! - Brad