Thursday, October 29, 2009

ODDS and ends...

Here are a few pics of items that I found unique in Ireland....First up is cough medicine - whereas we in the states  have cough suppressants, decongestants and  oral expectorants,  in Northern Ireland in the German discount market of Lidl, here were the choices....they just seem so comforting, don't they?  So, do you have a chesty cough or a tickly cough?

And I thought these were candies at first glance -
good thing I read the label!

Another item of interest (at least for me) was this toilet
that came with a comfy back cushion...
I thought it was quite thoughtful of the small cafe owner
to provide such comfort for patrons.....:)

And let's here it for the best that American culture has brought to the rest of the world - The Simpsons -
I snapped this photo of an ice cream truck while we were waiting
for the light to change. 


Jayne said...

LOLOL... fruity/joy condoms?? :c)

Rose said...

LOL…..these are good, thanks for sharing!

Paula said...

we are now ready for travel surprizes for us!!!!!......hahahahahah love it xoxoxox

Roma said...

What a cool peek into their culture? Husband would LOVE that seat cushion on the toilet......LOL!