Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Seeds of Compassion

Some of my readers (Steve) have been clamoring for an update of sorts to what Teresa and I experienced yesterday in Seattle. I'm still processing all that we saw and heard. Many of us have been raised to fear those who hold differing belief systems -after all, we have the one and only "truth" which leads some to believe that no other faith tradition has anything to offer Christians. I'm not here to argue that one way or the other, but I do have to say that being in the presence of such holy people who truly love God and want to honor one another was humbling. I'd love for all of you to experience what we can click on the link below and listen to the first session. Rob Bell, pastor from Mars Hill Church in Michigan & author, spoke beautiful words about bearing one another's suffering and Joan Chittister, one of my personal heros was just brilliant with her responses...And the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu were having way too much fun!!!

So when you arrive at the website go to Tuesday, April 15th - Youth and Spiritual Connection Day......

As an aside......On the way into the Hec Ed Pavilion those of us making our way towards the arena were stopped by security because the Dalai Lama motorcade was approaching. After several minutes wherein lots of serious-looking security people cordoned off the area we could hear the police escort approaching. Sirens and flashing lights! I counted over 30 motorcycle police pulling into the parking lot followed by black SUV's , a very long van and a Medic wagon - It was quite exciting!

We wondered which vehicle the Dalai Lama was in when Teresa bent down and saw sandaled feet with bits of red robe dropping to the ground (we were on the opposite side of where the doors were sliding open)....His Holiness was quickly whisked into the lower parking level and the men in black SUV's left as quickly as they had arrived. It struck us that we were in a potentially dangerous place and that our world here in Sequim is rather mundane in comparison to such a scene as this. We were pumped! (but we did wonder about how big a human footprint the Dalai Lama has)

What must it be like to live such a life? He describes himself as a simple human being, but we saw him as a humble monk who risks his life on a daily basis in order to spread the message of compassion. We left the arena that day wondering what we were willing to risk to spread God's love and compassion to all that we meet?


Linda said...

Dear Roberta,

I am so glad you were able to have this experience. I am believer that we should all embrace and plant “seeds of compassion.” When I hear and listen to those who argue about “my God” and “my way is the only way” I often try to imagine what would Christ be saying and doing. My life has been touched by so many religions and beliefs that I always come back to what is Christ like. Having a son-in-law who was raised Muslim - even he makes reference to Christ being a respected prophet and understands the philosophy of being “Christ like.” I believe God put people like the Dalai Lama in our lives to remind of us what we are suppose to be rather than what we think we should be. Warmly, Linda

Lois said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I got goose-bumps just reading about it. What it must have been like to actually be there. May I quote you in my homily on Sunday--the part about risk-taking?

Gene said...

How about this, and you may quote me. All of us are simple human beings but it takes an extraordinary one to see it!

Jayne said...

People like the Dalai Lama transcend "religion" and make us all pause to think about the vision we project into the world. Thanks for sharing your experience Roberta.