Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Season of letting go

When I was a kid this was the appropriate facial expression

for the season of Lent. Somber, Dutiful, Suppressed.

After all, we deserved wrath for our wickedness.

But this is the beginning of the season of letting go.

Letting go of all that hinders us from being who we really are.

Letting go of all that is false – not true.

For we are loved and cherished by God who never ever stops

giving to us. Recalling that we are dust and to dust we

will someday return is not all gloom and doom

but a call to wake up. Our time is short.

Love one another with a holy love.

What will that look like on your face this season?

1 comment:

Vicki said...

Seems like all seasons are for letting go.
Spring flowers pushing the winter away.
Unwinding in the languor of Summer days.
Falling leaves (Joni Mitchell, you know the one).
Winter's quiet stillness.