Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jesus fell off his Cross!

My daughter texted me yesterday from her car with this picture and message:

“Jesus fell off his cross! I need a new one!”

And what would the proper response be to such a statement?

“So sorry to hear the news” or “Well done Jesus!”

but instead I said,

“So where did he land?”

“In the console” she replied.

“Is he ok?” I asked.

“Not really. He broke his arm in the fall.”

This was accompanied by another photo:

“So can you re-attach his arm?”
I said.

“I’ve tried that before Mom. He just doesn’t seem to want to stay put. 
Once when I was driving along, I looked down and saw him looking up at me on my leg.
So I glued him back on. But now that his arm is broken, I don’t think that’s going to work.”

As my head filled with the theological implications of Jesus not remaining on the cross,
or of replacing a broken Jesus who was broken for us on said cross,
or of Jesus not desiring to ‘stay put’, even with glue applied,
I considered the worthiness of turning this into yet another one
of my spiritual analogies about God’s desire to draw closer to my daughter.

I thought back over all the years of my telling Jesus stories to my kids and their less than enthusiastic response,
and decided not to read too much into it.

“So what do you think Mom?” she asked.

“I think Jesus wants you to SLOW DOWN. You can’t be sure that he didn’t just try to JUMP to safety.”


Jayne said...

This made me smile Roberta. Indeed, maybe Jesus wants us all to slow down a bit.

*Thanks for the very kind response on my last blog post. I am glad you are here as well my friend.*

Susan said...

Lol. Well done, Jesus is a great response!

I think I would have have a fit of laughter especially the part about Jesus looking up at your daughter from her lap.

I like your theological implications and advice to slow down. ;)