Tuesday, August 21, 2012

even the wise fear change

My wise guys are feeling some anxiety these days.
You see, we are in the process of moving and their window ledge, their home, is bare. 
Gone are the wee books of wisdom that they read together,

gone is the waving cat that they once mistook as Divine until they learned his secret,

and gone is the annoyingly arrogant leprechaun.


 This has created a mood of fear as you can see from the picture.

They remain huddled in the corner and no amount of coaxing will move them.

I feel their distress. Packing and purging are painful.

But, they will have to overcome their fear of the future, as will I.

For change involves risk, stepping out into the unknown.

But I will not let the wisemen step off their shelf unassisted.

I will carry them carefully to their new home,

wherever that may be.


Vicki said...

Would that I too could be one of your wise men....

ROBERTA said...

awwww....you are so sweet...what if i moved closer?

Jayne said...

Here's hoping they come out of their corner and embrace the new adventure. :c)