Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent stars falling...

Here is section 2 of Christine Hemp's prayer.
"The psalmist says "give us life," and we echo his prayer,
trusting that every time we return to you the past is irrelevant,
the future a mirage.
May this truth guide us and those who serve your church, including our bishop,
other ministers, and our own precious clergy Elizabeth and Karen.
We pray for all who have been placed in guiding roles: 
presidents and kings; coaches and teachers; police officers and admirals;
mullahs and rabbis; lamas and chieftains.
May we all blink with amazement, Oh Creator, at how our thoughts and deeds
have power to bring others ever closer to your heat, your light.
Even when the stars fall from heaven and the powers be shaken,
Know this, Lord:  We are your people."

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