Saturday, July 2, 2011

one can never receive too many blessings

"May the Maker's blessing be yours,
encircling you round
above you
within you.

May the angels' blessing be yours
and the joy of the saints
to inspire you
to cherish you.

May the Son's blessing be yours,
the wine and the water,
the bread and the stories
to feed you
to remind you.

May the Spirit's blessing be yours,
the wind, the fire,
the still small voice
to comfort you
to disturb you.

And may my own blessing be yours -
a blessing rooted in our common pilgrimage,
the blessing of a friend."

The Pattern of Our Days,
Worship in the Celtic Tradition
from the Iona Community
edited by K. Galloway
p. 157
photo of Iona Abbey


Philomena Ewing said...

Thanks for this beautiful prayer - glorious !
Blessings to you too.

Jean Wise said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful blessing. I have been drawn more and more to Celtic spirituality and feel God may be inviting me to study that more. Your posting was another indication of that invitation.