Monday, February 21, 2011

Prayer for My Enemies

The following prayer is from the end of the sermon I preached yesterday. 
The prayer is based on Matthew 5:43-45 in which Jesus expands 
"love your neighbor" into "love your enemies"
and oh yes, pray for them too! 

"Thank you for enemies Lord, for they drive me back to you in prayer.
Thank you God for your sun that rises on everyone.
May it bring warmth and comfort to my enemies today.
Bless them Lord.  Heal the hurts in their lives just as you heal mine.
Give me the grace to show your love to them today.

Thank you God for this rain that you have sent to quench your earth.
May it quench the thirst of my enemies today.
Bless them Lord.  And as you have forgiven me,
May your Spirit give me the grace I need to forgive my enemies today.

Thank you for these tangible reminders that your grace is bestowed on all.
And when the pain of hurt and hatred begin to overwhelm me,
and I consider seeking solace in resentment and revenge,
may your Holy Spirit direct me to the only place I can receive true comfort
and healing - in your loving embrace.  Amen"

Roberta Hiday, Spiritual Director
Sequim, Washington


Philomena Ewing said...

Thank you for this.I didn't know you preached. How wonderful to know that your gifts and talents here are being shared this way too. Can you do a podcast ? - I would love to hear you.

Ellie Finlay said...

Oh, that's a wonderful Peanuts strip. Yes, it IS a good system!

(She's definitely a good preacher, Philomena.)

ROBERTA said...

Thanks Ellie for the compliment. And Phil, did you get my email? I think I sent you the sermon?

Anonymous said...

Thank you because I need this. I pray for my ex wife. I pray for her and I don't curse her. Thank you.