Thursday, July 22, 2010

Feast of Mary Magdalene

"It is clear that Mary Magdalene's life was radically changed by Jesus' healing.
Her ministry of service and steadfast companionship,
even as a witness to the crucifixion, has, through the centuries,
been an example of the faithful ministry of women to Christ.
All four Gospels name Mary as one of the women who went to the tomb
to mourn and to care for Jesus' body. Her weeping for the loss of her Lord
strikes a common chord with the grief of all others over the death of loved ones.
Jesus' tender response to her grief - meeting her in the garden,
revealing himself to her by calling her name -
makes her the first witness to the risen Lord."

Lesser Feasts and Fasts - 2006 p. 314

May we, like Mary Magdalene,
live as joyful witnesses to Christ's resurrection.
painting by Tanya Torres
visit her website to see her art.
This particular work is "Mary Magdalene of the Roses"
which is installed at Holy Rosary Church in East Harlem

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