Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Not Over

Hmmm....looks like I missed Christmas posting and here it is the day after. I had to take down my tree this morning before it spontaneously combusted. It was so dry and it's only the second day of Christmas. We have 10 more days to go! Thanks to the poet Ann Weems, whom I have enjoyed quoting all this season, I do know that this birthing of Christ is decidedly not over.  This is a good thing, a very good thing.

Often this season I would hear someone say, "Jesus is the reason for the season" and/or "Let's put Christ back in CHRISTmas," as if we only pulled Christ out once a year to be carefully positioned within our ceramic creches. But we are continually giving birth to Christ in our daily lives.  Well, Ann says it better than I can....go her words...

"It is not over,
this birthing.
There are always newer skies
into which
God can throw stars.
When we begin to think
that we can predict the Advent of God,
that we can box the Christ
in a stable in Bethlehem,
that's just the time
that God will be born
in a place we can't imagine and won't believe.
Those who wait for God
watch with their hearts and not their eyes,
always listening
for angel words."
- Ann Weems

Are you curious as to where and when God will be born in the coming year for you?


Lauralew said...

"There are always newer skies/into which/God can throw stars." Does this speak to me in my present transition! But these verses can be plumbed for many many meanings. Great poem.

Brad said...

I love this one - the picture and the poem. And to answer your question, no, I am not curious. I am anticipatory. Because it will happen many times and each one will be as wonderful as the last and the next. And all this because, behind it all, he is always here and never leaves - I just forget to see him.

Love, Brad