Monday, November 2, 2009

Praying Flowers

"All creation teaches us
some way of prayer."
-Thomas Merton

This photo was taken from inside the Shrine Room
at Jampa Ling.  The flowers were pressing against the
window in such a way as to say, "Let us in!"


Jane said...

AMEN to that.

What a pleasant mix of colors too!

Alyce said...

There. see? The difference between you and me: You see it as a lesson in prayer, and most rightly so.

I see it as an example of phototropism in an area with a lot of cloudy days and the lights on inside the window most of the time

I'm hopeless

ROBERTA said...

dear alyce,

can it not be both/and rather than either/or?

Theresa said...

beautiful thought...beautiful colors

Jan said...

Lovely. Amen.