Friday, June 5, 2009

Hidden Corners

"We need to find the hidden corners of our lives where we have not forgiven ourselves -- for who we are, for who we are not. And it is not always easy. Sometimes we have to dig through tragic emotional wreckage. Sometimes we have to rip open scars we think have long been healed. Sometimes we have to tear down beautifully crafted psychological edifices. But to live with a pure heart and an open spirit, we must have the courage to face these challenges."

Kent Nerburn, Calm Surrender, Walking the Hard Road of Forgiveness

artist: Julia Breckenreid

May we each realize today that the absolute love of our Divine Creator, encompasses all our strengths and weaknesses, all our successes and failures, and that we are called and able to forgive ourselves and move forward, with God's help. Amen


Jan said...

Interesting. I need to ponder this.

Brad said...

Roberta, how very true and pertinent. The art is perfect and I am very grateful for the prayer.

You are loved, for who you are, by many more than "just" God, although only His love is irreplaceable.

Love, Brad

Evelyn said...

Ah, Roberta.... you describe EXACTLY where I've been this week! Thank you.

ROBERTA said...

Ah yes, Evelyn,
we all have those hidden corners that we try to avoid, don't we? i'm amazed that God especially loves all of our hidden corners....