Sunday, April 5, 2009


Some interesting items regarding the number 56: In the year 56 AD Fiacha Finnfolaidh, high King of Ireland was killed.
The word "Yeah" was used 56 times in Nirvana's song "lithium".
Joe DiMaggio had 56 base hits in 1941. Is this still a record?
56 men signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776.
There are 56 counties in Montana.
Shirley Temple wore 56 curls in her hair. They were set by her mother who counted them.
56 is the atomic number of Barium.
56 years ago today, I was born on the 3rd largest island in Europe.
Since 56 is a twice perfect number, it is itself a semiperfect number.

So here's to a semiperfect 56th year! For myself and anyone else celebrating a birthday this year - May we remember that our times are in God's hand and that they are to be treasured each and every day. And with God's help may we grow in wisdom, grace, and love over these next 12 months. Thank you Lord for this amazing gift of life. May we see You in everyone we meet. Amen.

And a blessed Palm Sunday to all!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Roberta!!

Rebekah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Roberta! Much peace and beauty to you today!

Monica said...

I love this and I love being a part of your life. I think so much about what it must feel like in a church where you have a choice of being or not being a priest or a bishop, where when the priest says, "Do this in remembrance of me," it does not really mean, "50% of you do this in remembrance of me." Happy birthday. I am making fresh lemon curd right now--how appropriate for your birthday. Happy 56th!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Roberta! Love you! Karen

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday my beautiful friend!
And thanks especially for that YouTube of "Do Re Mi" last week ... truly lifted my heart when it needed lifting.
yours with love,

Brad said...

Dear friend, a VERY happy birthday to you! You are still but a child, and a capable one at that. Your choice of the road sign is excellent, because it is the bigger number that counts - as my Greeks say on birthdays, may you reach at least a hundred. And the only other thing to say is - poor Shirley Temple! As a U.S. ambassador later in life (a job at which she was less than successful), she did not appear to have anybody counting her curls.
Love, Brad

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Roberta!

Evelyn said...

A belated "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", Roberta!

Becky said...

Congratulations----you were a lovely 16 year old when I got married 40 years ago!!!!!!

kristin said...

And may they see Him in you, dear lady...

Birthday Blessings, enough to overflow the whole year thru...