Friday, June 13, 2008

To Be....A Tree?

"A tree glorifies God by being a tree."
Thomas Merton

so what am i called to be? as i looked at the branches of this tree i was intrigued with the many directions the branches took over the years and frankly it's not that pretty or even symmetrical.
did they know where they were going when they sprouted? was there a blueprint or genetic code for this tree to follow?

i think back over the different turns i've taken in my own life and at times don't see any rhyme or reason to them...and yet....i'm still moving forward - toward that elusive call of God....

"Roberta glorifies God by being Roberta"

and you? who are you called to be?
put your name in the quote and tell me what you see?

1 comment:

Donna said...

Of course Donna has to take a different tack.....I think this tree would be prettier had it been pruned by a Master Pruner. God made it a tree, but it doesn't have to grow wildly even though its natural path is toward the sun.

I have grown more beautiful after God prunes me. I am convinced He wants me to become more beautiful as I grow toward the light, but as I take turns toward the dark He gently prunes me back toward a better shape.

"Donna glorifies God by becoming Donna"

Who am I called to be? Whatever God wants me go be. My branches reach out to Him.